How does Wealthsimple make money?

All customers start with £5,000 of assets managed for free plus another £5,000 for each referral made, for the first year. So how does Wealthsimple make money?

Wealthsimple does charge a management fee on assets that are not managed for free, though our fee is significantly lower than many traditional advisors (see our pricing page here). Leveraging technology, Wealthsimple is able to reduce the bulging overhead of traditional financial institutions. This focus on tech and making investing easy for clients allows us to scale our operations in a way that can services thousands of clients, where a traditional individual advisors may struggle above one hundred clients. 

Our mission is to make smart and simple investing accessible for everyone. Pairing technology with excellent customer service can go a long way, but we know we have some work to do to get things perfect. If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know by getting in touch at

Remember, keep calm and invest on!

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